BPH Migas Intelligence Task Force Holds Training And Repression

logo-2BANDUNG . Implementation of the distribution of subsidized fuel quota set at 40 million kl in 2012 should really be maintained so right on target and volume , so there is no over- quota as in previous years.

Various attempts have been made by the Government , in this case BPH Migas has cooperated with relevant parties to provide briefing in the form of training ” in the Context of Enforcement Intelligence Subsatgas Subsidized Fuel ” which diselenggarankan in London (21/5).

BPH Migas chairman Dr . Ir . Andy Noorsaman Someng in remarks presented by BPH Migas committee member Maj. Karseno , said the decision by the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs of the Coordination Team Subsidized Fuel Control , BPH Migas has been appointed as the team leader . In the development of this team improved to Task Monitoring and Control of subsidized fuel . “The task force has developed a plan outline and Operating Plan is divided into 4 sub- task force ” he explained.

The purpose and objective of the Sub Training Intelligence and Enforcement Task Force , in order to achieve a common perception of each institution has a different role and tasks . ” The role of inteljen should be able to conduct an investigation , while the team is expected to unveil Enforcement action against misuse of subsidized fuel and both on land and at sea ” he said.

Meanwhile investigators BPH Migas Coordinator Edy MS , outlines that the purpose of the training so that participants are able to carry out the task of investigation and handling of the crime of oil and gas in the territorial waters and land . To be established cooperation among members of the Sub Task Force Intelligence in the context of the supervision and control of subsidized fuel.

Added Edy, Intelligence and Enforcement Sub Task Force until the month of April 2012 has been cracking down on misuse of subsidized fuel some offense with a value of one hundred and eleven billion more , with the following details : 619 300 liters of diesel oil at Rp 5.968.813.400 , premium 24,800 liters amounting to Rp 233 020 800 , 600 liters of kerosene valued at USD 5.4102 million , and MFO 250 109 000 105 045 780 000 liters worth Rp .While still in the trial stage in the Court of 12 cases.


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