BPH Migas Investigators Gave 784 Expert Testimony Abuse Cases BBM

karsenoPONTIANAK. Civil Servant Investigators (investigators) Downstream Regulatory Agency for Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) has provided expert testimony against 784 cases of misuse of fuel that occurred from January to September 2013.

Committee member of BPH Migas, Karseno revealed that of this amount, a total of 594 cases under investigation, a total of 150 cases of prosecution stage (P-21) and as many as 40 cases in trial phase / incrach.

“Description of experts conducted refers to a request experts from the police, judiciary and the courts,” said BPH Migas Committee, some time ago in London.

Here are the details of cases of misuse of fuel from January to September 2013:

January 58 Cases
February 74 Case
March 56 Cases
April 70 Cases
May 120 Cases
June 81 Cases
July 185 Cases
August 59 Case
September 81 Cases

A total of 784 cases

For evidence of the abuse cases as much as 6,874,282 liters. Kerosene as much as 314 277 liters, 6,131,617 liters of diesel oil, as much as 228 388 liters Premium Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Unsubsidized number of 187 260 liters.


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