BPH Migas Monitoring Fuel Supply and Distribution in Bandung

bandungifanJAKARTA. Committee on Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) Fanshurullah Asa has recently made a working visit to the supervision of Bandung, West Java. The visit was conducted in the context of field monitoring of the supply and distribution of biofuels (BBN) as a mixture Specific fuel type.

Monitoring surveillance biofuel supply and distribution is done at Pertamina Padalarang SPBBM Depot, Depot SPBBM Edge Berung. Not only to Depot, Fanshurullah also made a visit to the location of the Shell gas station.

From the results of such monitoring, Fanshurullah Asa explained Padalarang Depot has more advanced stages of preparing a predetermined Candy 25, 2013 the PSO transportation 10% and 3% non PSO. “Currently Padalarang Depot and Depot End Berung fame has given a mixture of 10% to 10% Non PSO and PSO,” he explained.

Even so, according to Asa Fanshurullah Ifan familiar greeting, the charging process must be increased immediately in order to fame fore already use automated systems, not as it is today in the semi-automated depots and depots Padalarang End Berung still manual.

“Depot End Berung must have a holding tank such as Depot Padalarang, because the current depot availability of fame in Ujung Berung only be ready in 24 hours just rely on five tank cars that operate regularly every day,” said Ifan.

Ifan added, because there are gas stations in locations such as Shell are not yet implemented the use of a mixture of Fame perfectly it is necessary to socialize Candy 25, 2013 to all depots and filling stations throughout the NKRI. Only 4 of 8 dispenser dispenser fame has been using a mixture of 5%. While four others remain pure diesel dispenser.

“In an effort to help the government reduce imports of diesel, the need for firm sanctions for offenders who do not apply Candy 25 in 2013,” he concluded.


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