BPH Migas Overcome Scarcity of fuel in Kalimantan

Kalimantan-kelangkaan1JAKARTA. Downstream Oil and Gas Regulatory Agency (BPH Migas) will soonovercome the scarcity of fuel in Borneo. Fuel (BBM) premium of 2.5 millionkiloliters can certainly be distributed by enterprises subsidized fuel distributors(public service obligation) in late May or early June 2012. This was disclosed by Head of BPH Migas, Dr. Ir. Andy Noorsaman Someng at a hearing withCommission VII of the House of Representatives yesterday afternoon (23/5).

In connection with the demand of four in Kalimantan Governor to acquire additional quota of fuel oil (BBM) subsidy of 3.4 million kiloliters in 2012 are difficult to fulfill. The government in this case BPH Migas, said that could only add to the quota of fuel oil (BBM) subsidy of premium by 5 percent.

BPH Migas Chief Andy Noorsaman Someng further revealed , Assembly Committee on May 8, 2012 has set a quota of subsidized fuel in 2012 after the opening of reserve of 2.5 million liters of fuel to be distributed according APBNP Act 2012. The magnitude of the Decree quotas per province has been sent to the Governor and PT Pertamina ( Persero ) and business entities PSO fuel distributors this week , so that could be distributed 2.5 million kiloliters from next week . ” My decision letter has been sent this week , next week or sehigga later than early June left 2.5 million kiloliters everything can already channeled ” said Andy .

Meanwhile , to overcome the scarcity of subsidized fuel in Borneo , BPH Migas will immediately allocate additional 5 percent which is part of the 2.5 million kiloliters . Kalimantan additional $ 159,844.55 kiloliters got to be 3,196,891 kl kl which previously amounted to 3,037,046.5 . Statement of the Head of BPH Migas is one conclusion Rapar hearing with Commission VII of the House of Representatives.

Based on premium consumption period January-April 2012 reached 8.863 million kiloliters or more 9.07 percent and 4.879 million kiloliters of diesel or 6.34 percent of the total quota . From these data it is estimated that the quota of subsidized premium will expire on November 24 . As for diesel fuel will run out on November 9 . By year-end , premium consumption is estimated at 27.4 million kiloliters, or 12.3 percent more than the 2012 revised budget quota of 24.4 million kiloliters . ” For solar will reach 15 million liters or 8.3 percent more than the quota of 13.9 million kiloliters, ” he said.



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