BPH Migas Monitored Distribution of Fuel up to Province Areas

niasJAKARTA . To find out what kind of condition the supply and distribution of fuel oil ( BBM ) in remote areas , some time ago Agency Committee on Downstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) and Ibrahim Hashim Panjaitan Sumihar accompanied by staff of the Directorate of fuel on a working visit to Nias , Sumatra north .

It is said Ibrahim , visit the work done in order to monitor simultaneously the direct supervision of the supply and distribution of fuel in the outermost regions of the archipelago.

” We wanted to see firsthand what the supply and distribution of fuel in the outermost regions of the country, ” said Ibrahim after monitoring the distribution of fuel in Nias , some time ago.

The area which has 4 districts and 1 town and had the dream of being the province , Ibrahim said there is only one of two dealers in one area . The lack of the institutions has resulted in the purchase of fuel reliant on a single place . ” Finally, for the needs of people in small islands have to buy fuel by using jerry cans and drums in APMS , ” he concluded.

To accommodate the needs of people who are far away from the institutions , the solution is to provide a new supplier institutions such as sub-agents . Currently BPH Migas is planning an additional channeling agency for small areas with the concept of sub- agencies . “This is to answer the needs of people in remote areas far from the institutions . Currently we are working on the concept of sub- agencies , “said Ibrahim.

Regarding the sub- agent development plan itself, Ibrahim added it would have to coordinate the process and first, particularly with Kemendagri , because the role of local governments is necessary here and should remain on the existing rules.

” Suppose the price setting in a remote area of what can be done in the highest retail price (HET) such as kerosene . Things like this should be discussed prior to enactment. If it is necessary rules could have asked for it . Of course after a new set public hearing , “said Ibrahim .


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