BPH Migas Planned Quotas Assigned to Agency Direct Fuel Distributor

ifanbaruJakarta – Quota fuel oil (BBM) was set at 48 million kiloliters (KL) in the 2014 budgetwas reduced to 46 million KL in the 2014 revised budget reduction of the quota makesthis dibreakdown quota for the spindles per District / City must back in to reset.Downstream Regulatory Agency Committee on Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) Asa M.Fanshurullah fore proposed fuel subsidy quota enforcement is not like that. But itshould be set directly to all the channeling institution such as gas stations, SPDN, SPBNby BPH Migas through the Assembly Committee.

“No longer logs as they are now. So when there is a national policy of fuel subsidyquota reduction of BPH Migas can quickly make a decision to reduce the quota per gas stations and others,” said Fanshurullah, Saturday (07/19/2014).

According Ifan nickname Fanshurullah, this policy will not only set to PT Pertamina (Persero) that distributesubsidized fuel as much as 98.5%, but also to the participating enterprises companion distribute subsidized fuel.

“If it is not implemented then the time of verification will not be approved for the subsidies paid. This applies to allbusiness entities companion indiscriminately. Therein essence in the presence of the Governing Body controlling the Downstream Oil and Gas business activities,” said Ifan firmly.


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