BPH Migas Proposes Fuel Alpha Designated Regionally

pso15Jakarta – Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) alhpaproposed fuel subsidy granted to business entities implementing the provisionand distribution of certain types of fuel oil (P3JBT) regionally defined.

According to BPH Migas committee Fanshurullah Asa because the amount offuel subsidy alpha nationally established has resulted in a number of business entities that participate in a beauty contest P3JBT pick in Java.

In fact, said Ifan, greeting familiar Fanshurullah, 2015 at the beauty contest is open space to build institutionsdealer auction types SPDN for fishermen around 240 points at the district / city throughout Indonesia.

“It turned out that all he wants to take P3JBT documents in Java. This occurs because alpha is the alpha setnationally. It is a problem so we propose that the alpha regional alphanya. Alpha is not the same as Java, Sumatra,Kalimantan and is not the same as not equal to Sulawesi, “he said.

To note, that the P3JBT 2015 beauty contest held since June 2014, the BPH Migas invite as many as 82 business entities. Of the 82 enterprises are about 26 enterprises attended the common explanations related listening P3JBT2015.

Business entities that include, PT. Various Chemical Raya Tbk., PT. Apex IndoPasific, PT. Blessing nautical Madani,PT.Bangun Mitra Sejahtera, PT. Barokah Brothers Mighty, PT.Dwikarya Commerce Court, PT. Elmindo CiptaPersada, PT.Gasemas, PT. KOPL Indonesia, PT. Phallus Prime, PT. Masinton Abadi Sentosa.

Furthermore, PT. Oiltanking Merak, PT. PT.Palaran Indah Lestari, PT. Pertamina Patra Niaga, PT. PetrolineCommerce Energy, PT. Petromine Energy Trading, PT. Petronas Niaga Indonesia, PT. PT Putra Dragon Sagara, PT.Roulina energy, PT. Shell Indonesia, PT. Success Sanjaya Energy, PT. Surya Parna Niaga, PT. Total Oil Indonesia,PT. PT Transpasfic INDOTAMA Petrochemical, PT. Universal Tri rides, and PT. Titan shoots forward.

On occasion, Fanshurullah Asa expect supply and distribution activity execution Specific Fuel Type 2015 has beengiven a final assignment on October 15, 2014 “If the previous administration P3JBT assignment given onDecember 31, 2015, we aim to be able to give a final assignment on the 15th October 2014, “he said.


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