BPH Migas Receive a Working Visit From Representative Bupati Belitung District

belitungJAKARTA. Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) the working visit of Deputy Regent Pacific Islands and ranks Erwandi A. Rani,Thursday (24/04/2014). The visit was carried out in the framework ofconsultation supervision of fuel oil (BBM) in the area that is currentlyexperiencing a lot of problems.

During his visit , Vice Regent along with his entourage received by BPH Migas committee , Fanshurullah Asa , Sumihar Panjaitan , Martin S. Ritonga , Ibrahim Hashim and the staff of the Directorate of fuel BPH Migas.

Erwandi said , since the moon was Vice Regent , the region experienced a lot of problems, especially regarding the issue of subsidized fuel does not disappear at all that it interferes with the smooth day to day activities of the community Belitung province . Erwandi Admittedly , the lack of facilities and depots have only resulted Jober stock of fuel in the area is limited.

Therefore , if a tanker or barge is not included in the specified period of time resulting in less stock . Once the barge was rumored that in fact does not enter people as retailers buy at the pump in excess of their needs and then stored.

On this basis it asked for an explanation regarding the extent to BPH Migas role of local government in order to secure the distribution of fuel lines so smoothly and safely . “Hopefully, this meeting may result in a solution that we can follow up in our area in order to overcome the problems of fuel problems , good nor bad diesel premium , ” he said.

Responding to the extent of the role of local government in order to control the supply and distribution of fuel , BPH Migas committee Ibrahim explained in Presidential Decree number 15 of 2012 , local governments were given the authority to certain sectors that should be given a recommendation by the Regional Working Units ( on education ) . It already is a tool of control.

“Anyone who can , such as micro-enterprise , agriculture , public services that set the recommendations of the Government . In one particular location and there may not be much on education , local government may designate who has the authority to be able to give a recommendation . That we have defined in Rule BPHMIGAS number 5 in 2012 . Thing we want on education – on education is set really understand the problem , ” he said.


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