BPH Migas Received Working Visit From Central Halmahera Regency

halmaheraJAKARTA. Downstream Regulatory Agency for Oil and Gas (BPH Migas), Thursday (17/10/2013) received a working visit Central Halmahera Regency. The visit received by BPH Migas Committee Sumihar Panjaitan, Martin S. Ritonga and the ranks of the Directorate of fuel is done in order hearings related to fuel demand that occurred in Central Halmahera.

“There are two things we wanted to convey. The first order for additional quota volume Fuel Type Specified in Central Halmahera and channeling institutions such as APMS, “said Chairman of the Parliament, Abd. Odeyani uterus.

Unavailability of channeling institution in Central Halmahera resulted in a disruption of the supply and distribution of fuel in the region. Currently, Rahim said, that in order to meet the fuel needs still menggunanakan APMS in other districts and quotas are granted to meet the needs in the middle Halmahera also be limited.

“Therefore we ask for a solution a way out of BPH Migas, how APMS it could stand in Central Halmahera,” he concluded.

Responding fuel quota, Sumihar confirms that to formulate quotas per district / city, BPH Migas asked the district government. Central Halmahera to convey the real needs of fuel per user sector as inputs the determination of quotas in 2014.

“Later his friends will go there to conduct a review. So we are going to propose quota allocation into the 2014 figure is realistic that needs are met, “said Sumihar.

Regarding the absence of channeling institutions in the district, Asreza Head of setting the availability of fuel oil to bring the channeling institution explained that depending on the entrepreneurs in the region to submit to Pertamina.

“To suggest the presence of live APMS proposed to Pertamina. Due to this reseller partnership agreement with Pertamina, “he said.


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