BPH Migas Thank Working Visit East Flores district government

ftJAKARTA. Post-closure of fuel depots Larantuka, owned by PT Pertamina (Persero) since 2008, the Regent of East Flores, Joseph Lagadoni Herin, S. Sos, expects that the depot can return be operated. According to him, the closure has resulted in the supply depot to be obstructed due to be supplied from depots Maumare, Sikka. Similarly, in a letter Regent of East Flores, Joseph Lagodani Herin, S. Sos, dated January 24, 2012.

“The time span last 3 years, since the closure of fuel depots that Larantuka, East Flores district which consists of three islands (Greater East Flores, Adonara and Solor Island) experienced various obstacles execution trading system / fuel distribution,” said Joseph.

In addition, continued Joseph, considering East Flores district consists of three major islands, the distribution of fuel from Maumere still resumed its distribution to the island Adonara to 8 District and the island of Solor to 3 sub-district so that the time required to increase.

“Due to the distance long enough and far raises the cost of transportation fuel from Larantuka to Maumere and Larantuka to the island and the island of Solor Adonara be relatively High,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Head of BPH Migas, Andy Noorsaman Sommeng, in his speech said, quite understand the complaints in East Flores, however, Andi added, will confirm this to the Pertamina. “This will be our konfirrmasi at Pertamina,” he explained.

Marketing and Commercial Director of PT Pertamina (Persero) Djaelani Sutomo were also present at the event said, for the good in the territory of East Flores, it will conduct a survey to see the real conditions.

“Pertamina will soon send a survey team there to see the developments and will take the necessary action for the supply and distribution of fuel in the region,” he said, in the office of BPH Migas, Wednesday (02/16/2012), Jakarta.


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