BPH Migas Visiting Ditjen PMD Kemendagri Discuss Regulatory Agency Sub Agency

pmdJAKARTA . The unavailability of the institutions such as gas stations and APMS in remote areas to make people have to buy fuel oil ( BBM ) is not in accordance with the prices set by the government , because they have to buy at retailers at higher prices . On that basis , the Agency Downstream Oil and Gas ( BPH Migas ) took the initiative to make regulations regarding sub placement agencies in these remote areas.

Not long ago , BPH Migas committee member Sumihar Panjaitan , Karseno and Ibrahim Hashim , accompanied Muhidin as Head of Legal and Public Relations , Sri Purnomo , Head of Drafting Legislation , Parlagutan Tambunan , Head of the Legal Aid and Advisory and Lulu Priambudi , as Section Head of Data Processing and Business Information BBM , visiting the Directorate General of Rural Community Empowerment ( PMD ) , the Ministry of the Interior . During the visit, the group received direct BPHMIGAS Director General PMD , Tarmizi A Karim and ranks.

Ibrahim explains , post- regional autonomy to the fuel consumption improvement would occur in remote locations but the chain of distribution of such infrastructure to deliver the fuel at that location is not available .

” There are legal regulation of many people when , finally there is the initiative , which the Regents make circulars and decisions . We as a Regulatory Agency wants to regulate the location of the fuel distributor that does not exist . Here we are to create the name of sub – agencies , ” he said .

Regarding the prices in the sub dealer , said Ibrahim can not be removed simply because it was feared would be formed like-like prices . However , because most know the area is the local government , whether governors or regents may establish Retail Price (MRP ) ?

”Regulations are there for this if it should Kerosene . But for Premium and Diesel does not yet exist . Is this ( Solar and Premium ) is possible . If possible it is already a solution for us . In our next example HET Regulations set by the Regents . If there can not be an alternative set freight charges alone, ” he said.

In response, PMD Director General , Ministry of Home Affairs , Tarmizi explained that there are several steps that must be done . One of them is doing a regional meeting with the Governor involving BPH Migas to disseminate the basic concepts of distribution patterns .

As for the price there should be no difference because it is a decision of the President ( Presidential) . Which causes the price difference is because the issue of freight charges.

”Papua certainly can not be equated with East Java . It can not . If not how to figure it out . In the near future I might already be there progress . I find time to pack the audience with the Minister of Home Affairs,“ said Tarmizi.


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