BPH Migas Will Apply Tagging System for Fuel

andygeoJakarta – Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) plans toimplement a system of markers (tagging) on fuel oil (BBM). This is to reduce the misuse of subsidized fuel distribution.

BPH Migas Chief Andy Noorsaman Sommeng, revealing the persistent taggingwill be able to tell which are the fuel subsidy and non-subsidized fuel. He alsorevealed that the tagging system of the United States and Europe will notinterfere with the performance and can not be washed even when heated will not be lost.

Tagging can also serve as forensics in the case of misuse of subsidized fuel as evidence in court.

“With this tagging detected later where it came from and where the fuel will be distributed. So if there are deviations will automatically know, “Andy said while attending the meeting of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to the House of Representatives Commission VII in Senayan, Wednesday (21/05/2014).

When confirmed when tagging system is implemented, Andy explained the plan will be implemented in September.”We are still at the stage of the auction process. This system will first be tested. Some areas will be a pilot project”,he said.


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