BPH Migas Working Visit Regent Association Central Mountains of Papua

Papua_BRTJAKARTA . Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas ( BPH Migas ) the working visit of the Association of Regent Central Mountains of Papua , on Tuesday ( 5/06/2012 ) . The working visit of the Association of Regents accepted by BPH Migas committee members , Drs . Sumihar Panjaitan , MM , and Brig . ( Ret. ) Drs . Martin S. Ritonga , Msi , accompanied by expert staff and the staff of the Directorate of fuel BPH Migas.

Working visit Regent Central Highlands of Papua Association was represented by the Regent Jayawijaya , Wempi Wetipo and Lanny Jaya Regent and his entourage hearings conducted in order to seek an alternative solution for the limitations of the fuel in the central highlands of Papua.

It is said Jayawijaya Regent , John Wempi Wetipo , One is related to the addition of fuel quota . According to him , up to the current efforts do not deliver maximum results.

Responding to the proposal , explaining that Panjaitan Sumihar BPH Migas has distributed fuel quota that has been set in the state budget in 2012 amounted to 40 million kilo liters ( KL ) . BPH Migas is well aware that East Indonesia needs help . “So we increase the allocation of most of eastern Indonesia to Papua in particular , ” he said.

For distribution control , BPH Migas committee , said the need to make the MoU Sumihar that the fuel control can be done together . ” So if we have any rules MoU between BPH Migas with certain Regent in the district of mountainous course will result in a good thing , ” he concluded.


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