Calls for Use of Non-Fuel Subsidy, BPH Migas Put 300 banner at the pump

baliJAKARTA. Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) to install approximately 300 banners. Banners have been installed at the pump-gas stations are expected to arouse the public subsidized fuel users to immediately switch to a non-fuel subsidies.

“We have assembled approximately 300 banners at the pump – gas stations big cities , such as Jakarta , Surabaya , Bandung , Semarang , Yogyakarta and Bali . We expect this banner at the pump can inspire people who previously used to use a fuel subsidy fuel then switch to non- subsidy , ” said the Head of Legal and Public Relations , Muhidin , Thursday (11/28/2013).

Meanwhile , Head of Public Relations , Dedy Wijaya also revealed that the campaigning efforts of non- fuel subsidies is not only done by placing banners at the pump . BPH Migas also campaigning directly to the field at the pump – pump. In that campaign , BPH Migas gives souvenir T-shirts , hats and stickers to those who do use non- subsidized fuel.

” To those who have used non- fuel subsidies deserve our appreciation . Well , for those still using the fuel subsidy is good when their vehicle , we call out to fill the non- subsidy , because in addition to more well-maintained engine and pull lighter , more efficient use of real PERTAMAX , ” said Head of Public Relations , Dedy Wijaya.

Added Dedy , allotment of subsidized fuel was very clear as stated in Preaturan President No. 15 in 2012 . ” There, clear all user groups subsidized fuel , ” he said . He hoped that through the use of non-subsidized fuel campaigns in several regions in Indonesia is expected to inspire people, especially the middle and upper classes who initially fill their vehicles with fuel subsidy immediately switch to using non-subsidized fuel.

As known , the Government through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Minister has issued regulations No. 1 of 2013 on the prohibition of the use of subsidized fuel for vehicles belonging to Government Department , military, police , state-owned enterprises and also the vehicle used to transport the mining and plantation activities.

On this basis , BPH Migas banner campaigns and the use of non-subsidized fuel to the middle and upper class people who still fill their vehicles with fuel subsidy that fact to the / people can not afford.


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