Delivery of fuel for Quota Determination SK PT KAI Indonesia

BBM_KAI1JAKARTA. By Decree of the Head of Downstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas)Number 005/PSO/BPH MIGAS/Kom/2012, On Determination quota of fuel oil (BBM) Specific type, set quotas for PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero)amounting 169,966.527 kilo liters (KL). According to the head of BPH Migas,Andy Noorsama Sommeng, this is the first step in the process of calculatingFuel Type Specific national requirements based on user sectors.

“For the first time BPHMIGAS verification team verified the needs of specific fuel type PT KAI (Persero) as one of the users who have the right sector,” he said.

After going through the Assembly Committee on BPH Migas , the results of the verification performed by the verification team BPH Migas , further stated in the decision letter No. BPH Migas head 005/PSO/BPH MIGAS/Kom/2012 On Quota Determination of fuel oil ( BBM ) Specific type . Added Andy , the distribution of Fuel Type Specific implementation for PT KAI ( Persero ) performed with a closed system , ie by using the vendor as stock , a system developed by PT Pertamina ( Persero ) as a tool to monitor the implementation of the Specific Fuel type distribution in the environment PT KAI .

“The use of information technology is an implementation of a closed system in accordance with that specified in the assignment of BPH Migas to PT Pertamina ( Persero ) . Implementation of a closed system is aimed to improve the effectiveness of supervision in order to puncture the fuel type -specific distribution implementation to address accountability , ” he said .

Completion of the implementation of the quota for the specific fuel type PT KAI ( Persero ), the BPH Migas will continue the activities of other user sectors such as maritime transport , fishing and so on . ” Determination of Fuel Type Specific quotas for PT KAI is the first pilot project conducted by BPH Migas , ” he said . Andy hopes , with the adoption of quotas to PT KAI , could provide a boost to the company’s revenue enhancement services to users KAI can also be improved and can compete especially road transport vehicles to transport goods cheaper and better .

Meanwhile , Director of PT KAI , Ignatius Jonan , expect the adoption of fuel subsidy quota type Diesel Oil will be able to compete with other modes of freight transportation . ” Hopefully this provides increased performance of PT KAI in passenger and freight transport , ” said Jonan.



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