Disparity ‘culprit’ Diversion of Fuel

karsenoJakarta – Acts of fraud against fuel oil (BBM) is still going on. The period from January to February 2014 there has been a total of 106 cases ofmisappropriation of fuel. So what is the cause of these abuses still occur.

Board Committee Committee on Downstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) Major General (ret) Karseno said the cause was the commission of fraud against the fuel is due to the persistence of the price disparits between the non-subsidized fuel subsidy.

“Diversion cause only one, namely because of the price disparity. As long as prices remain high disparity fraud will continue to happen. Although all is set and the existing monitoring and control, “said Karseno in the Discussion Forum event Enterprises recently, in Jakarta.

Recognized Karseno, supervision and control have been implemented but not maximized due to many constraints, especially in BPH Migas itself with a limited number of personnel. Thus formed Task Force (Task Force) or the Joint Team took control of fuel with relevant agencies within their authority respectively.

“This joint team in 2012 to uncover as many as 400 cases of fraud. In 2013 approximately 900 cases reveal more.That is the law enforcement surveillance efforts have started in the area. It does not fit with what we would expect because of the abuses are still happening, “he said.

However, supervision and control over the future of subsidized fuel will continue to be done in order to maintain optimal quota of subsidized fuel has been mandated in the Act so distributed on target, right volume, the right price and do not exceed the appropriate allotment quota.

Karseno added, the quota of fuel subsidy is the next most vulnerable diesel oil, because of its quota only KL whereas only 14 640 million kebutuhanya estimated at 25 million KL. “While the Premium gasoline is relatively safe,” he concluded.

Fraud will certainly affect sales enterprises that conduct sales of non-subsidized fuel. He also asked the public, particularly Entity at any time for a romp in the fuel report to see if BPH Migas or find instances of abuse against fuel subsidy fraud.

“If you see or hear the fuel subsidy fraud, immediately report to the BPH to be followed up, as it relates to business enterprises and government that helped fuel subsidies targeted and volume,” said Karseno.

The same thing also expressed by Dr. BPH Migas committee. Ibrahim Hashim. According to him, as long as the price disparity still exists, surely there will always be fraud because there is no economic benefit.

“The potential for fraud is expected to be increased, because of lower diesel oil quota from the quota and the realization in 2013. Shortage of supply disruption resulting in a tendency of market psychology which raised concerns in the community that encourages people to buy more fuel filling illegal market,” said Ibrahim.

Illegal market is the market that supply and the mining industry has not been able to illegally removed.


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