Eight Target BPH Migas in 2014

baruJAKARTA. Head of Downstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) NoorsamanSommeng Andy said, in 2014 BPH Migas has eight goals to be achieved. What is it?

First, implementation arrangements, guidance and determination of a fair,consistent and non-discriminatory policies and proposing the aboverecommendation and accurate and careful consideration for the provision ofbusiness activities and distribution of fuel and fuel reserves a nationaldevelopment policy.

“We have received approximately 102 District / town associated with meeting the needs of fuel subsidy in the region, ” said Andy , during a hearing with Commission VII of the House of Representatives , on Monday ( 02/24/2014 ) in Jakarta.

Second, the monitoring system controlling certain types of fuel , especially road transport sector and fishermen in order to secure certain types of fuel national quotas and tightening control of fuel distribution , either to verify the volume of distribution or sales of fuel storage and handling sales , fuel adulteration , abuse and illegal hoarding fuel.

“Thank God the year 2013 we can hit fuel distribution that does not exceed the quota set dusah in the state budget , ” he said.

Furthermore , joint utilization of transportation and fuel storage facilities and facilities of the Corporation in the supply and distribution of fuel and gradual opening of the market in areas that the market mechanism is not running or remote areas .

“We will also implement and assign to each entity has operational reserves which in turn will become a national buffer stock , ” pungkasya.

Then ensure the implementation and control of transportation and trading business through a pipe with a fair competition mechanism , healthy , transparent and accountable , the realization of the development of natural gas infrastructure and increased use of natural gas in the country , the creation of legal compliance , improvement of BPH Migas rulemaking and regulatory tersosialisasinya in the downstream oil and gas fields.

The last increase in the utilization of information technology and technology in order to control the supply of markers and distributing fuel from both the demand and supply of the fuel type specific . ” The use of information technology enterprises companion has been going well , and we have also been building a war room so that it can monitor all activities and transactions of business entities in menalurkan subsidized fuel , ” he said.


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