Enjoyed 94% by the Riches, Fuel Subsidy Better Removed

bogorJAKARTA. Enjoyed about 94% of the medium and the rich, the Governing Body Committee on Downstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) A. Qoyum Tjandranegara said fuel subsidy should be removed.

“Approximately 94% of fuel subsidy was enjoyed by the middle and the rich. While poor people just enjoy around 6%, “he said, Wednesday (01/22/2014) in Bogor, West Java.

According Qoyum, fuel subsidy is quite expensive but why not be replaced with gas subsidies. Whereas in other countries the percentage is large enough gas subsidies. It must be fought for how mengintroduce transfer of subsidies to the gas subsidy

“It’s actually good stuff, cheap, clean, and efficient even exported. We ourselves buy expensive fuel. Imagine, dikasihkan cheap gas to other countries. While we buy fuel which is expensive and is already running a dozen years, “he said.


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