Fasting Together In BPH Migas

buka-bersamaJAKARTA. Located in the Al – Hakam BPH Migas , Tuesday ( 07/08/2012 ) implemented iftar together at once silaturohim energy sector and mineral resources and Downstream Enterprises . Iftar is routinely conducted in BPH Migas environment during Ramadan arrives .

It says BPH Migas Head , Dr . Andy Noorsama Sommeng , DEA , Iftar and this friendship is one manifestation of happiness over the coming month of Ramadan , a month of full Rohmah and Maghfiroh of Allah SWT .

” Goods are ready fasting month of Ramadan with full faith and hope of His good pleasure , God would forgive sins own copy of dos that have passed , ” said Andy , mengutif one hadith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim.

Hopefully , obviously Andy , Ramadan this year we were given health , patience and kekhusu’an for fasting perfectly so that at the end of Ramadan will obtain devotion.

After the welcome , Andy , accompanied by his wife gave compensation to 100 orphans were symbolically handed over to the orphans 8 . The event was followed by a lecture delivered by Prof. religion . Dr. . Didier Hafidhuddin , M.Sc breaking up ahead of time.

Present on the occasion among others , the Echelon I and II in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources , the Committee Members bpd of oil and gas , environmental Echelon II in BPH Migas , the Board of Directors fields Downstream Enterprises , sertatenant in the House BPH Migas.


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