Fuel Subsidy 2015 quota was set at 46-47 Million KL

chairulJakarta – The government and the House of Representatives Commission VIIagreed to set a quota of fuel oil (BBM) subsidy amounting to 46-47 millionkiloliters (KL) in the 2015 draft budget.

Previous government proposes subsidized fuel quota volumes in the draft budget in 2015 amounted to 48 million KL with consideration of the currentrealization of the growth of motor vehicles and in order to support economicgrowth.

“We propose the assumption of the volume of subsidized fuel in the 2015 draft budget by 48 million KL”, saidActing Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Chairul, Monday (15/9) when meeting with Commission VII of the House of Representatives.

According to him, the proposed quota is quite realistic with sufficient consideration comprehensives. In addition,further Chairui Cape government will continue to work hard to supervise and control the consumption of subsidizedfuel for the right target and the right volume.

While the Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Siswoutomo revealed Susilo proposed a subsidy of 48million KL because of the additional number of vehicles such as cars and 1.2 million motorcycles 9 million.

However, if 48 million Wamen said KL reduced it is also no problem, but there are criteria that must be met, especially in the reduction of fuel subsidies.

In addition to setting the volume of the fuel subsidy, in the meeting also determined the production of oil and gas lifting, biofuel subsidies, subsidies LGV, alpha LPG fuel subsidy and volume 3 KG.


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