Fuel Task Team BPH Migas thwarted Action Fraud 1 Ton Solar Subsidies

bekasiBEKASI. BPH Migas Task Force team led by BPH Migas Committee Major General (Ret) Karseno and investigators BPH Migas along the Jakarta Police Mobile Brigade Unit, has recently been successfully thwart fraud action Subsidized Fuel Oil type Diesel 1 ton in Bekasi, West Java.

On September 17, 2013, BPH Migas Task Team has arrested two vehicles Isuzu Panther who was filling the Solar subsidized fuel at the pump No. 34.17404 alternative way Cibubur Bekasi volume exceeds the capacity of the fuel tank of his thought will be brought to collectors somewhere in Bekasi.

“After checking the Isuzu Panther apparently both have been modified fuel tank Solar until each can load 1 ton (1000 liters) of fuel,” said Karseno.

Modus operandi they do is serve as a gas station security operator charging to the Isuzu Panther for several times until a full 1 ton. After filling 200 liters, the vehicle kebaliparkir into the gas station area to the next diurutan queue so as not suspicious.

“Vehicles are parked at the pump began around 18:00 and swirling aeral gas stations filled up with diesel fuel up. Once filled they plan slid to Bekasi to be dumped somewhere (illegal hoarding). Once charging, security earns Rp 20,000 given by the driver of the second vehicle Panther, “he said.

Added Karseno, formerly Team Task Force Fuel BPH Migas has lurked one fruit Isuzu Panther vehicle alleged to have been modified and the purchase of diesel fuel subsidies of up to 12 times back and forth to retail outlets along Jl. Kelapa Dua Wetan East Jakarta, totaling 12 tonnes (once the contents of 1 ton).

“It is believed to be stockpiled in a house in the area of ​​coconut Two Wetan. But nevertheless made prosecution for alleged information has been leaked, “he said.


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