Fuel Task Team selection Serve Some gas stations have fuel tank Car With Modified

JAKARTA. Task Force (task force) Supervision and Control over the supply and distribution of fuel oil (BBM) found several gas stations in the Greater Jakarta area selling subsidized fuel tank to the vehicle that has been modified to a capacity of 1000 liters.

First gas station Ceger Gempol 34-13803, East Jakarta. This gas station serves purchase Isuzu Panther types of vehicles. Case has been transferred to the Police Cipayung. Then the gas station on the way 34-17404 alternate Cibubur Bekasi. In this instance, Task Force team captures two types of Panther vehicles being filled with diesel subsidy exceeds the capacity of the fuel tank. Each vehicle is filled with 977 liters 200 liters solar.BBM allegedly collectors will be taken to somewhere in Bekasi.

Next is a gas station 34-13208 , jl . Gen. A. Yani , Golf By Pass Rawamangun . This serves purchase gas station fuel subsidies to vehicle types Kijang Krista . The vehicle was found in the tank as much as 200 liters of diesel subsidy . His case has been transferred to the East Jakarta Metro Police.

The same is true in Cimanggis , Tangerang and Cibitung . The task force team in Depok Cimanggis find gas stations 34-16902. Serve gas station purchases Panther type vehicle with a modified fuel tank . The vehicle tank containing 1,100 liters of diesel subsidy.

While at the Market Thursday Tangerang , Task Team found the gas station to purchase 34-15502 serve Hino truck types . The vehicle tank contained 1,500 liters of diesel . 34-17527 is the last gas station on Jl . Inspections Cibitung Kalimalang , Bekasi . Box type truck with a tank that has been modified as much as 3,000 liters of diesel . Case has been transferred to the Jakarta Police.

To the gas station that has been serving the sale of subsidized fuel to the tank has been modified kendaaraan it , BPH Migas has sent a letter to the Director of Marketing and Commerce of PT Pertamina ( Persero ) to give strict punishment to the dealer who sold the fuel subsidies as intended.


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