Head of BPH Migas: High Gas Prices Due to The Regulations That are Potentially Make Multiple Trades

katadataJakarta – Head of the Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPHMigas) Andy Noorsaman Sommeng argued gas prices to be expensive because of Toll Fee.

“The price of gas to be expensive because no rules or regulations that could potentially make the multi-trading, which in turn makes the merchant multilevel,” said Andy Noorsaman Sommeng Jakarta, Friday (10/09/2015).According to Andy, Candy 19 Year 2009 on Business Activities of Natural Gas Pipeline Through that makes the price of gas to be expensive because Enterprises itself which sets the price. Though the price of gas in PP 30, for judical review stipulated by the Government. Government in this case is the BPH Migas.

“Everywhere is also the Governing Body. We have experience regulating gas prices for households and small customers. The clientele happy, Enterprises happy and the government also happy because running. While the price of LPG were set EMR. Enterprises senep, people are nervous,” he said.

Andy admitted that the price is determined by BPH Migas was fair because it uses a formula that is clear and accountable and also through public hearings inviting all stakeholders.

Andy added, for LPG is not no such mechanism and eventually had also been criticized by the Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) due to BPH Migas should be regulated and the price of oil was determined by BPH Migas due to BPH in accordance with provisions to do that.

BPH Migas work on walkin interests. The interests of the Government, enterprises and public interests. So BPH Migas arbitrarily. Candy 19 In 2009 the entities that set the price.

According to him, it is not true that the high gas prices because of the toll fee that already includes taxes, fees, iruan trade, distribution fees and margins are already there. Chewing so it must be revised, the price set by the government. If the government can not afford so I volunteered to Coordinating Minister because it already had the experience.

“Hand over to us. We know where the industry, where small customers. Industry classification was divided where the export industry, where industry for the country. It should be distinguished. Period export industry we love less,” he concluded.


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