If Selling Fuel Subsidy is Not Appropriate Designation, 34.13803 Gas Stations Get Sanctioned

pertaminaJAKARTA . PT Pertamina ( Persero ) has sanctioned termination Solar product distribution / Bio Solar subsidies to the gas station for 1 month 34.13803, Ceger road, East Jakarta. Sanctioning a follow- finding Task Team Supervision and Control of Supply and Distribution of Subsidized Fuel BPH Migas.

”We have given guidance in the form of termination of the distribution of the product Solar / Biosolar subsidy for 1 month ( 25 September-25 October 2013) , and are required to replace the subsidy price difference Biosolar 300 liters of Rp 1.71 million, ” said Manager of Retail Fuel Marketing Region III, Pramod Sulistyo, in a letter dated January 29, 2014 submitted to the Head of BPH Migas.

To ensure the availability of subsidized fuel type Solar / Biosolar and results of follow-on sanctions meant, said pramono, the gas station has paid the difference of the volume of fuel subsidies , and dismiss the employee who committed the offense.

”The gas station promised to increase oversight so that similar incidents do not recur and begged to be channeled back Solar / Biosolar back, ” he said.

Based on these considerations , Pertamina cq . Retail Fuel Marketing Region III decided to reduce the sanctions Blocking Solar / Biosolar for 1 week so that distribution is done again on October 18, 2013.

As known, the previous team Monitoring and Control Task Force on Fuel Supply and Distribution of Subsidized find some gas stations in the Greater Jakarta area that sell subsidized fuel to vehicles that do not have the right , which is a modified car with a tank capacity of 1000 liters.

In this regard, BPH Migas instructed PT Pertamina give strict punishment to the dealer who had sold fuel bersubisdi improper designation as well as the sanction that was copied to BPH Migas.


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