In addition to the Operational Reserve, Indonesia Must Have Buffer

andygeoJAKARTA. Currently, Indonesia has not had a buffer stock of fuel oil (BBM).That there are now only 21 days of operational reserves owned by PTPertamina (Persero) as a business entity.

Head of Downstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) Noorsaman Sommeng Andyexplains, through the National Energy Council (DEN) currently rules the government would set up a reserve related to the buffer.

“There should Indonesia it must have a backup. Besides, there are also operational reserve buffer reserves to ensure national energy security. Indonesia currently has only 21 days of reserve stocks. IBHS operational reservesowned enterprises, PT Pertamina,” said Andy, Friday (14/02/2014) in his office.

Andy described, in Japan who have experienced the oil crisis in the early 70s turned out to be his backup bufferthat starts from the private sector. Where, actors oil and gas reserves are doing. Buffer although it should be builtthrough a public-private partnership should be.

“So the government and the private sector work together. For example, we make a rule that every business entityshould allocate a certain percentage as a backup. When they got up every day operational KL 1000, approximately10 to 20 KL saved, not distributed to its business activity “, he said.


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