Inaugural Kapokja And Administrative Committee Secretariat Coordinator and Head of BPH Migas

Pelantikan_Kapokja_2012_1JAKARTA . Head of Downstream Oil and Gas ( BPH Migas ) Ir . Andy Noorsaman Sommeng , DEA , Wednesday ( 2/05/2012 ) inaugurated the Chairman of the Working Group 3 ( Kapokja ) and 2 Coordinator Administrative Secretariat Head of BP Migas and BPH Migas committee on environment . Third Kapokja Among them , Dr . Ir . Joko Siswanto , MBA , Ir . Sri Revelation Purwanto , MT and Ir . Lulu Priambudi . While two officials Coordinator Chief Administrative Committee Secretariat Coordinator BPH Migas is Dedi Wijaya and Hendri Ahmad.

Dr. . Ir . Joko Siswanto , MBA , formerly the Kapokja in Gas Directorate , Directorate of fuel to be rotated Kapokja Fuel Supply and Distribution areas I replace Ir . Hendri Ahmad , MT . As for Kapokja Supply and Distribution of Fuel II region occupied by Drs . Dedi Wijaya replaced by Ir . Priambudi Lulu , who previously served as the primary analysis assignment Entity Specific fuel type.

As for Kapokja Account Settings , Fees, Rates and Prices formerly occupied by Dr. . Ir . Joko Siswanto now replaced by Ir . Sri Revelation Purwanto , MT . Previously , Revelation served as the primary analyzer freight rates of natural gas through pipelines . Meanwhile , Hendri Ahmad , who had previously been Kapokja fuel supply and distribution areas I became Coordinator of the Secretariat of the Committee . While Dedi Wijaya who previously served as the supply and distribution of fuel Kapokja region II became Chief Administrative Coordinator BPH Migas.

Substitution or Job rotation is common in running the trust . From the official side , it was a coaching employees in an effort to improve the welfare of employees to improve their performance and to support the duties and functions of BPH Migas.

Andy explained , in an organization , this inauguration is an activity that has been prevalent . Promotion and rotation for employees is expected to give a positive value in penngkatan employee and organizational performance . ” The inauguration of the rotation and mutation in the ranks of government officials of each institution is a part of life in the context of strengthening the organization and dynamics of institutional capacity building , as well as a part of an employee ‘s career development , ” said Andy.

As part of efforts to refresh and improved performance , this inauguration let interpreted primarily from the point of interest of the organization , not just the placement of the figures in the official hierarchy and specific interests . ” Development of an employee ‘s career is not done solely for the benefit of the employee , but are preferred for reforming and strengthening the organization in order peningaktan task performance and the implementation of public services , ” he concluded.

Added Andy , the main parameters used in determining positions for each employee made ​​through consideration of the capacity , competence , integrity , loyalty , morality , mutation position, education and training as well as the value of dedication and commitment to duty and responsibility to the state.

Attended the event including BPH Migas committee member Fahmi Harsandono , SE , Major . (Ret. ) Karseno , MBA , Brig . ( Ret. ) Drs . Martin S. Ritonga , Msi , DR . Ibrahim Hashim , SE , MM , Secretary of BPH Migas Agus Budi Wahyono , Director of Natural Gas Hendra Fadly , Echelon III and IV in the BPH Migas and representatives of enterprises and representatives of the second echelon units Kemeneritan ESDM.



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