Making Plan Oversight fuel regulation, Member of Parliament of South Halmahera Visit BPH Migas

halmahera1Jakarta – Oil and Gas Downstream Regulatory Body (BPH Migas) Members received the visit of the Regional Representatives Council (DPRD) South Halmahera District, Friday (29/05/2015). Visits were made in order to get input related to the drafting of the Regional Regulation on supervision of distribution of fuel oil (BBM).

Responding to the plan of the supervision regulation, BPH Migas committee member Ibrahim Hasyim said, to accommodate the plan, BPH Migas has made regulations BPH Migas Number 06 Year 2015 About the Distribution of Certain Type of Fuel and Fuel Type Special Assignments Not There At The Local Distributors ,

“This regulation is made is intended to serve fuel in small islands, in places not covered by the existing distribution network of enterprises. Since this is new maybe later we will disseminate to areas with larger forum. It deliberately we create for the region, especially the eastern region, “said Ibrahim Hashim.

While the Committee Sumihar Panjaitan revealed, because this is related to the allocation of quotas, so there should be no more than that has been set. According to him, this regulation is actually to help the existing retailers in the area who are always screaming, but local governments were given authority to establish a sort of freight costs. “So please both our guard,” he concluded.

The same thing also expressed by the Committee Martin Samodra Ritonga. Because the sub-distributor will be born a new institution, certainly when the fuel would be taken to another island usually there will be facilities to be paid.

“So the involvement of the local government should be encouraged to use public enterprises to create business units for transporting the fuel,” he concluded.


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