Monitoring and Control Task Force Subsidized Fuel Fuel Diversion Act Case

Konferensi_Pers_Satgas_2012JAKARTA . Monitoring and Control Task Force consisting of Subsidized Fuel BIN , Navy and Army , Police , BAIS TNI , Bakorkamla , Attorney General , Ministry of Transportation , Ministry of Home Affairs and the Directorate General of Customs has conducted an examination of the acts of repression and Diversion of fuel that occurs in several regions in Indonesia .

Head of Downstream Oil and Gas ( BPH Migas ) Dr . Ir . Andy Noorsaman Sommeng , DEA , at a press conference in the office of BPH Migas , Tuesday ( 8/05/2012 ) says , in East Kalimantan , Task Monitoring and Control of Fuel Subsidized uncover 54 cases with evidence Solar 147 tonnes , 24 812 and 600 liter Premium liters of Kerosene . ” evidence 25 units , 11 units of dump trucks and cash worth USD 94 million . Currently in the process of fingerprint , “said Andy .

Added Andy , in Bali arrest 2 tank truck load of 15,000 liters of diesel and 4 cargo truck diesel tank 5,000 liters in Karangasem district , without the necessary documents . Currently in the process of follow-up . While in Pamekasan , found 143 drums of diesel pile ( 1 drum containing 200 liters ) with the purchase of a local gas station .

“On Wednesday, March 7, 2012 , the Task Force Monitoring and Control of Fuel Subsidized capture and examine the KMT LCT PARTNER PT Kaltim in logpond Rodamas Group . Allegedly committed the crime of abuse of transporting fuel without business licenses . It has violated Article 53 hutuf b Law No. 22 Year 2001 on Oil and Gas , is still in the process of further investigation stage , ” Decisive Andy .

While on Thursday, April 12, 2012 Task Force also made ​​the arrest and examination of the South Good MT PT Baruna Jaya Sahu Landasindo Tanjung Perak port in Surabaya suspected of committing criminal acts without a business license Commercial fuel and 248,000 liters of load types of Non Diesel Oil Subsidies .

Then on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 Task Force also conducts arrest and Cosmic Ship Flag Indonesian waters 15 Batu Ampar Batam allegedly committed the crime of the type of fuel storage Marine Fuel Oil ( MFO ) as many as 250 109 kilo liters without a business license and document dilengkapai DO .

In addition, the Indonesian flag vessels Cosmic 12 is also suspected of criminal conduct fuel storage as much as 7000 liters of MFO type without the necessary business licenses and documents DO . ” This has menlanggar Article 53 letter c of Law No. . 22 Year 2001 on Oil and Gas , “said Andy.

Cases of abuse also occurred in the District of New Town , Edinburgh . Truck caught by the Task Force Monitoring and Control with evidence Subsidized fuel tank containing 1,000 liters of fuel oil types Berubsidi Solar and has been modified to 5,000 liters .

“In addition, the Task Force Monitoring and Control of subsidized fuel truck catch also contain as much as 3,000 liters of crude oil and 6 Kempu ( plastic tanks ) 10,000 liters size . Status of both the truck is still in the investigation stage of the process the file , ” he said.

Further cases of hoarding fuel in District Madidir , Bitung city , has been caught red-handed by the Task Force Monitoring and Control with evidence Subsidized Fuel 2500 liters of diesel oil stored in steel tanks . The oil is stored in 11 drums of 200 liters each . Hoarding abuse also occurs in Central Aceh region , with 1 piece of evidence Pertamina size tank containing 16,000 liters to 3,400 liters of diesel oil.

“Estimating the value of finding evidence that has been dealt to Rp . 111 253 024 400 . with details of Diesel Oil 619.300liter Rp . 5968813400 , Oil Premium worth USD 233 020 800 24 800 liters , 600 liters of kerosene valued at USD 5.4102 million , and MFO 250 109 000 liters worth Rp . , “said Andy .


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