National Fuel Buffer Ideally 90 Days, Indonesia Still Not Have

dprJAKARTA. Indonesia has yet to have a backup fuel (BBM) nationwide. Thatthere is now only operational reserve 21 to 23 days the Corporation, PTPertamina (Persero). And every country should ideally have a national fuelreserves by 90 days.

“The provision is set in the International Energy Agency (IEA) that for eachcountry’s national reserves as much as 90 days. It was ideal conditions, “saidHead of Downstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) Andy Noorsaman Sommeng, in a hearing with Commission VII ofthe House of Representatives, Monday (24/02/2014) in Jakarta.

During the national fuel reserves still problems back and forth because it is constrained by cost issues . Andy , who had visited the national buffer stock of fuel in Japan revealed that the Japanese have ever experienced oil crisis in 1971 and could ultimately have a backup buffer above provisions of the perpetrators of the IEA oil begins.

Andy adds , to build up the infrastructure is not too expensive when compared to national energy security . ” In Japan it takes to build 2 large tunnel , LPG ​​, and fuel crued only Rp 18 trillion . That means the same thing we do not provide subsidies for 1 month , ” he said.

Previously , Andy also once said that Indonesia must establish national fuel reserve buffer , although it must be through a public-private partnership . ” So the government and the private sector work together. For example, we make a rule that every business entity should allocate a certain percentage as a backup . When they got up every day operational KL 1000 , approximately 10 to 20 KL saved , not channeled to business activities”, he said.


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