Pertamina: No Charge Cost To Put RFID

JAKARTA. Vice President Corporate Communications of PT Pertamina (Persero), Ali Mundakir confirms that the installation of the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for subsidized fuel in public transport is free of charge.

Menyesalkanberedarnya her information from the parties who are not responsible mentioning levies certain amount of money on the installation of RFID may miss the deadline so as to make people panic.

“We reiterate there is no fee for installation of RFID is and no time limit installation so we urge people not to panic. The December 31, 2013 is the target completion of the installation of RFID for vehicles in Jakarta. But the installation of RFID will then be free forever and there is no limit time, “said Ali, on Wednesday (11/27/2013).

Ali said the public can do the installation of around 60 points have been provided, both at the pump and at the other point. To find out the location of registration centers RFID can contact the contact center Pertamina 500-000,SMPBBM follow twitter and Facebook: SMPBBM or through

“Given the public interest is so high, Pertamina through PT INTI as a partner provider of RFID technology is working on the possibility to expand the mounting points outside the pump, such as open space, the mall parking lot, and others outside the working day so it does not interfere with the activities and services to the public, “said Ali.

Pertamina also confirmed that the current RFID installation program is intended for monitoring and recording of subsidized fuel purchases. “RFID is only to record the identity of the vehicle and record the volume of purchases every transaction. So there are no restrictions on the volume of purchases.” He concluded.


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