Supervision Cooperation, BPH Migas Signs PKS Agreement with the Belitung district government

blitungBelitung – Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) continue to work together supervising the supply and distribution of fuel oil (BBM).Thursday (26/06/2014), Agreement of Cooperation (MCC) re-done with thesupervision of the Belitung District Government and East Belitung.

MCC signatories supervision is done directly by BPH Migas Chief AndyNoorsaman Sommeng, along with Regent Pacific Regent Pacific Sahani Salehand East Basuri Tjahaja Purnama.

Cooperation Treaty Monitoring the district level is the first time carried out by BPH Migas. This CooperationAgreement is to optimize the control in order to control the quota of Certain Types of Fuel in accordance with the scope and responsibilities of each party.

“Fraud against the fuel subsidy which is still happening today. The cause of fraud is an issue price disparity is stilltoo far away. Hopefully supervising the supply and distribution of subsidized fuel future can work better”, said Andy.

Meanwhile, Regent Pacific hoped that existing cooperation can be established and the more closely as well as being appropriate initial steps to produce the best in the success of the implementation of the monitoring andcontrol of fuel distribution in Belitung province.

On that occasion, Sahani expect that kerosene quota is not reduced, given the Belitung district has notimplemented the conversion of kerosene to LPG 3 KG. “When it is done it is feared will impact on society inBelitung province, especially people who are not able to rely on kerosene to meet their daily needs”, he said.

Regent Pacific Basuri East, said the agreement would be signed this cooperation not only on paper but can be implemented in the field. “To all those let us together to monitor the capacity and authority of each to prevent themisuse of subsidized fuel”, he said.


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