Surveillance MOU Between Certain BBM type BPH Migas With 4 Se-Kalimantan Governor in drawing

MOU-Pengawasan-Jenis-BBM-Tertentu-Antara-BPH-Migas-Bersama-4-Gubernur-Se-KalimantanBANJARMASIN . Located at Abdi Persada Graha , Office of the Governor of South Kalimantan ( South Kalimantan ) , Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU ) between the Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas ( BPH Migas ) with 4 Governor of Kalimantan on the Control of Distribution type fuel oil ( BBM ) Specific , on Thursday ( 5/06/2012 ) signed.

The signing of the MoU was done directly by BPH Migas Chief Andy Noorsaman Sommeng , DEA . As for South Kalimantan performed by the Governor , Rudi Arifin , East Kalimantan was represented by the Deputy Governor Farid Wadjdy , represented by the Secretary of the Central Kalimantan Provincial Central Kalimantan and West Kalimantan was represented by the Head of Economic Development.

BPH Migas Chief Andy Noorsaman Sommeng , DEA explained , although the legislation is given the assignment to supervise the provision of fuel and penidistribusian is BPH Migas , but monitoring can not be done alone given the scope of the activities and infrastructure limitations.

” Presidential Decree No. 15 Year 2012 on retail prices and consumer users Fuel Type Specific , BPH Migas in carrying out its duties to supervise the smoothness and precision of execution for consumer users , it is possible to cooperate with such related instanasi Local Government . The aim is that type -specific fuel right on target and the corresponding volume allocation, ” he said.

As we know that the Government together with the House of Representatives decided Fuel Type Specific prices did not increase , in addition to in the Act No. 4 of 2012 on the Amendment of Law Number 22 Year 2011 About the State Budget for 2012 , explicitly specified quota national fuel Type Specific amounted to 40,000,000 KL.

The quota of 40,000,000 KL , BPH Migas has set quotas Fuel Type Specific quotas are divided based throughout the district / city in Indonesia with regard to , the amount of increase in population and economic growth rates are an important part of peningaktan fuel consumption in a region.

” Fuel Type Specific quota is likely not in accordance with the proposal in the area , but we appeal to all parties to jointly supervise the capacity and authority of each to secure and prevent the occurrence of abuse in order to achieve the purpose of welfare of the people , ” said Andy.

In addition to monitoring the abuse Fuel Type Specific , it is no less important is , make arrangements and ongoing socialization that Fuel Type Specific targeted , timely and appropriate . With the socialization , the rich are expected to enjoy fuel subsidy allegedly moved and switched to using non- fuel subsidies , so that the principles of justice and the welfare of the people was achieved.

Meanwhile, South Kalimantan Governor Rudy Ariffin , said the signing of the MoU with the supervision of the distribution of the specific fuel type , it will form a task force ( task force ) Provincial level respectively . ” Therefore , our expectation to colleagues from the Parliament , the police , the military will be involved in the task force . We hope to work together to secure the best possible way so that the smooth distribution of fuel we can do well and the public will be well served , ” he said.

Rudi added , so that surveillance conducted by the task force to run well , he was asked to take over the data can provide accountable and transparent . ” Without transparency and accountable within the framework of the monitoring will be difficult , ” he said.


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