The use of CNG in Indonesia Not Growing, What is the reason?

ibra2Jakarta – Since 1995 Indonesia has developed a Fuel Gas (CNG). But not getting ahead when compared to other countries. Currently there are about 14 new Fuel Gas Filling Station (SPBGs).

While other countries such as China, Thailand, and Pakistan already have hundreds and even thousands of SPBGs. So what caused the BBG in Indonesia has not evolved to the present?

Downstream Regulatory Agency Committee on Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) Dr. Ibrahim Hashim, said there are several things that led to the use of CNG in Indonesia is not yet developed.

The first is the infrastructure which is still quite minimal SPBGs much because it’s not just relying on the state budget and the people who have interest in having to install converter kits that would cost.

Yet today the BBG with the fuel price disparity is quite large very attractive to consumers, but not necessarily due to lack of gas fuel stations and converter kits are not sufficiently available.

“In contrast with the price of Rp 3.100/liter premium equivalent (lsp) now is not attractive to investors because keekonomianya SPBGs far to build a SPBGs. Therefore investors are asking is increased to Rp 5,100 per lsp, “Dr. Ibrahim Hashim, Thursday (07/03/2014) in Jakarta.

We confirmed whether the price of Rp 5,100 lsp BBG BBG usage will increase? Ibrahim said not necessarily. According to him, the current premium price of Rp 6,500 per liter is considered not provide an attraction for consumers and not enough to invest converter kit.

Therefore, said Ibrahim, the long-term solution is that the government should regulate new car can already be fitted with a converter kit for gas and fuel price subsidies should also provide a high disparity. “So it SPBGs success lies in the question of price, where profitable for investors and attractive for consumers,” he said.


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