Working Visit Commission DPRD II Sumbawa to BPH Migas

sumbawaJakarta – Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas), Tuesday (05/20/2014) the working visit of Commission II DPRD Anggoto Sumbawa. The delegation, led directly Chairman of Commission II, then Budi Suryata received directly by BPH Migas committee Sumihar Panjaitan.

Members working visit of Commission II DPRD. Sumbawa is done in the framework of the consultation on the allocation of subsidized fuel quota in Sumbawa.

During the meeting, then Suryata Budi said the fuel subsidy quota type Diesel Oil can be adjusted to make it more proportional to the growth potential of the region. In addition, he also expects fuel subsidy disbursement supervision must be improved to be more on target.

While BPH Migas committee Sumihar revealed, the quota of fuel subsidy for 2014 Solar type Sumbawa is decreased compared to the quota in 2013.

“Subsidized fuel quota for this type of diesel oil in 2014 was lower than the quota in 2013, as the national quota of fuel subsidy Solar type 2014 also decreased by 8% compared to the quota year 2013”, said Sumihar.

BPH Migas expects that regional work units ( on education ) recommendation issuer verification before issuing recommendations in accordance with the fuel subsidy BPH Migas Regulation No. 5 of 2012.


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