Working Visit To Masohi

Kunjungan-Kerja-Ke-MasohiJAKARTA. Head of the Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) were accompanied by members of the Committee Ibrahim Hashim, Heru Wahyudi along with the Directorate of fuel BPH Migas a working visit to Masohi district, Central Maluku, Friday (20/05/2010.

Working visit was conducted in order to see firsthand how real the real needs of fuel in the region due to request for an additional allocation of fuel that BPH Migas first field verification to the area concerned.

“This verification we did for megetahui in real terms how the actual fuel demand in the region. Therefore we ask for data on the number of the population, households, fishermen and the number of motor vehicles, “he said. Tubagus hope no fuel Bersubidi that run to the industry especially diesel oil.

Meanwhile, the Regent Masohi Abdullah Tuasikal with BPH Migas is expecting the arrival of what is expected by society in the region and programs is a priority of this district government could go on for the sake of development and prosperity.

As the area has significant potential in the field of Fisheries it expects the additional allocation of fuel to the region. According to Abdullah, in certain circumstances experience a shortage of fuel. A few years ago people came to the local government called for a quota increase in fuel because in certain circumstances when the fishing season the fishermen can not go everywhere. “Whereas the fishing season when we expect people to get adequate results,” he said.


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