All Kalimantan Governor Will MOU Signed June 20, 2012

4-Gubernur-Se-Kalimantan-Akan-Teken-MOU-20-Juni-2012BANJARMASIN. Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) control distribution typefuel oil (BBM) between the Agency Specific Downstream Oil and Gas (BPHMigas) with 4 in Kalimantan Governor to be signed June 20, 2012. It is associated with has agreed to the proposed quota increase fuel Gasoline TypePremium of 2.2 million Kl according to claim 4 in Kalimantan Governor.

Meetings were held for more than two hours and lasts quite a lot is a follow upof the results of the meeting on May 30, 2012, between the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) withGovernor of Kalimantan on Borneo quota of subsidized fuel for supervision and implementation plans subsidized fuel distribution accordance with the Presidential Decree No. 15 Year 2012 on the Retail Price and Consumer fuel Type Specific Users.

Present at the meeting include representatives of four in Kalimantan Provincial Government . South Kalimantan is represented by the Governor ahlli staff , Hadi Susilo and Head of Economic Bureau , Arbainsyah . East Kalimantan is represented by Kadistamben Amrullah , West Kalimantan is represented by Kadistamben , Safe Agus Sudibyo , and representatives of Central Kalimantan is Yulian Midshipman . Meanwhile, PT Pertamina diwaliki by GM Borneo , Persistent Rev. Irianto . While BPH Migas itself represented by the Secretary of BPH Migas Agus Budi Wahyono .

According to Agus Budi , has agreed the proposed additional quota Premium Gasoline Fuel Subsidy Type 4 proposed by the Governor in Kalimantan it is necessary as soon as possible the signing of the MoU control distribution of fuel subsidy . “If this is allowed to be broken . Do not ask again later . Therefore, it is necessary to supervise the MoU together , ” he said .

Meanwhile, the expert staff of the Governor of South Kalimantan , Hadi Susilo who became the representative of South Kalimantan provincial government said the MoU agreed with the plan . According to him , any form of something that is already filled there must be responsibility . ” Therefore, dated June 20, 2012 , BPH Migas will meet again with 4 Governor signed a MoU for monitoring distribution of fuel that has been agreed upon . Do not get lost anywhere, both Premium and Solar , ” he said after attending a meeting with representatives from BPH Migas and the other 3 in Kalimantan provincial government .

One of the conclusions contained in the meeting is that it refers to a meeting between the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources with 4 Governor dated May 30, 2012 , BPH Migas informed that the proposed quota increase fuel Bersbsidi 4 filed by the Governor as may be agreed with the details of Borneo ; South Kalimantan into 583 593from the previous quota of only 461 952 kilo liters ( KL ) , KL 672 009 East Kalimantan , West Kalimantan for 510 120 KL and Central Kalimantan as many as 449 850 . So the total quota for 4 Premium fuel types in Kalimantan province to around 2.2 million KL .

Associated with the addition itself, Kapokja Directorate of fuel , Lulu Priambudi confirms that for the purposes of Borneo has been prepared and the amount of ( additional quota ) is certainly pretty , but is still awaiting Ministerial Decree ( Decree EMR ) and Finance . “If the quota amount of fuel we are sure enough according to the meeting on May 30, 2012 of 400,000 Kl . 159,000 KL already confirmed in the form of premium . The rest is already there just menunnggu administrative process . Letter to the Minister we have layangkan EMR , ” said Lulu .

Added to Lulu, based on meetings and coordination with Pertamina , that for the implementation of the quota increase had been prepared just collided with the Government administration . Additional quota itself, Lulu explains taken from several provinces but not in the form of Premium and Diesel Oil is pengkonvesian but made ​​from Kerosene to the required shape . It’s just really no administrative process . “If the composition is changed course Decree must be changed . Can not be done ( changed ) by the oil and gas BPH itself , ” he concluded .

As we know that the central government finally meet the demands 4 Kalimantan Governor to add fuel quota Specific type . The agreement was reached in a meeting with the Governor 4 branches of government headed by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources ( ESDM ) Wacik in Jakarta , Wednesday, May 30, 2012 .

The meeting was attended by a number of officials of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources , such as the Secretary General of the Energy and Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas Director General, Head of BPH Migas, president director of PT Pertamina ( Perseo ) Hiswana also chairman of Oil and Gas . While the present Governor of Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, Rudy Ariffin , Deputy Governor Achmad Diran Central Kalimantan, West Kalimantan Deputy Governor Christiandy Sanjaya , Head of Planning and representing East Kalimantan East Kalimantan Governor Awang Faroek.

Here are the results of the meeting between BPH Migas with representatives of four in Kalimantan province , June 8, 2012 :

1.  Referring to the meeting between the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources with 4 Kalimantan Governor dated May 30, 2012 ; BPH Migas informed that the proposed addition of subsidized fuel quota proposed by the Governor can be approved 4 .

2. The implementation of the quota increase in item ( 1 ) above shall be governed by the Regulation of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources

3. Related item ( 2 ) above the head of BPH Migas has sent a letter to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources with a copy of Kalimantan Governor

4. For additional quota distribution of fuel were needed pengwasan through MoU between BPH Migas with 4 Governor of Kalimantan

5. The MoU will be signed between BPH Migas with a 4 – Kalimantan Governor on June 20, 2012 in Banjarmasin .



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