Biodiesel Need to be Enhanced for Reducing Fuel Import

mnctv1JAKARTA . Indonesian oil production is not sufficient . Imports of fuel was forced to do to be sufficient for the country. Strategic step would be done to reduce the import . One is the increase in bio- diesel in diesel oil .

“The strategy of the national energy policy that one of them is to remove our dependence on fossil fuels , removing or reducing our dependence on imported energy and to build national energy independence . Biodiesel is one in order that ( reduce fuel imports ) reduce the deficit in the oil and gas sector , “said Committee Member Agency Downstream Oil and Gas ( BPH Migas ) Ibrahim Hashim , Wednesday ( 15/01/2014 ) in Jakarta .

Increased bio- diesel should be increased as one of the Government’s efforts to reduce imports of fuel . Increased use is also to be expanded , not only for transportation but consumption should lead to more industries .

” The reason leading to more industrial sectors due to more consumption . Bio diesel is feasible for industrial use . We refer to the ratio of diesel oil use was 60 % , and the industrial sector only 40% of the transport sector . So it should be in there ( the industry ) , ” said Ibrahim .

In 2013 then , biodiesel is blended into diesel oil accounted for 1 million KL . So that the imported fuel is reduced as much as 1 million KL. In 2014 the Government wants to increase to 4 million KL . Policy -biodiesel done gradually because the distribution chain infrastructure for mixing , transporting and storing must be prepared .

Ibrahim added , producing bio- diesel should consider the quality of the performance and maintain appropriate performance , because if it is lower , it will affect the performance of diesel engines that usually go wearing it .


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