BPH Migas Assigned Personnel to The Field to Monitoring Fuel Distribution Ahead Before Eid Mubarak

umi111Jakarta – Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) assigningpersonnel to monitor directly the smooth distribution of fuel oil (BBM) in all regions of the Republic of Indonesia before and after Idul Fitri 1435 H.

“Establish a Command Post BPH Migas also fuel for 21 days from July 18 to August 7 2014 Every day as many as 5 BPH Migas alert personnel on duty atthe Command Post Eid BPH Migas”, said Umi in the Office of BPH Migas,Thursday (24/7) .

Fuel consumption related to Ramadan and Eid, Umi is expected to further increase. Premium gasoline to begin July 12 until August 12, 2014 or H-15 and H + 15 H Eid 1435 is expected to increase approximately 14% of the normaldaily average of 80.926 kiloliters (KL) to 91 830 KL.

“Solar is expected to fall 4.9% of the normal daily average of 40 626 38 628 KL into KL. Temporal Aviation Fuelconsumption is expected to rise 8.6% of the normal daily average of 10 619 11,536 KL KL be”, he concluded.


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