BPH Migas: Fuel Quota 46 Million KL Could be Enough Until End of Year, This is The Way

umi2Jakarta – Quota fuel oil (BBM) subsidy specified in the revised budget of 46 million kiloliters in 2014 is expected to be over 1.6 million KL if no new control policy of the Government.

“If there are no new controls made ​​clear figure above the quota of the state budget in 2014,” said Secretary of the Governing body of the Downstream Oiland Gas (BPH Migas) Umi Asngadah in Jakarta, Tuesday (30/09/2014).

According to him, the control of which is done through a circular head BPHMigas is already saving but have not been able to control subsidized fuel as mandated in the Revised Act.

To complete the circular BPH Migas, said Umi, one of the show is to make improvements Decree No. 01 on the fuelcontrol only prohibits service vehicles, plantation, mining and industry were added to the banning of privatevehicles.

Umi added, if private vehicles currently account for about 9 231 719 units with and based on the results of the study in a day needs about three to five liters in one month, it could save about 800,000 KL.

“So if the remaining two months (November and December) could save 1.6 million KL. With so a quota of 46million KL could be sufficient until the end of December 2014, “he said.

According to Umi, this implementation will be easier when compared with the installation sticker as was done sometime ago, because if public transport has a yellow colored license plate identity. If the motorcycle is obvious.

“So it’s very likely be implemented at the pump for easy implementation in the field,” he added.

In addition there are other alternatives, namely by raising the price of fuel subsidy which the difference is only Rp.2,000, – of non-subsidized fuel prices, and do pengkitiran residual fuel quota until the end of December.


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