BPH Migas Proposed Have Representatives In Regional

cabangJakarta – Member of Commission VII of the House of Representatives of the Golkar Party faction Azwir Dainy Tara suggested that Downstream Regulatory Body for Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) which currently can only be in the centerhas representatives or branches in areas such as oil and gas SKK.

“In the future should open branches or representative offices in some areaswith an adequate budget, adequate human resources, adequaterepresentation and coordination with government officials, both police, militaryto tackle the problem of fuel. If labor is only some 200 people at the center while no such branches SKK want to control how the areas of oil and gas well, “said Azwir.

Duties and functions of BPH Migas is very noble. He has repeatedly revealed when the RDP and the Meeting with the minister that with limited personnel, budget and ability how can mengendalian and supervise the Republic ofIndonesia is so vast. Though BPH Migas has been carrying out a good job, but not optimal.

“This is because of limited facilities and infrastructure, funding and human resources. Once the extent of the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, including 18 thousand islands, with very limited power central monitoringhow would cope. I think it would sulitm, “he concluded.

Therefore, further Azwir expected future this can be forwarded to friends who will continue the struggle inCommission VII, perhaps specially made law on BPH Migas to control and supervise.

While Tommy Adrian Word of the PPP faction revealed BPH Migas must perform the steps or the buzz that is notafraid of anyone, because it has the authority BPH Migas. If there is a shortage and all that remains to be BPH Migas supervise the rules have BPH Migas.

“To kedepanya do not be afraid. During always coordinate with Commission VII BPH Migas anything done that we support. BPH Migas full must be supported so that they can work optimally, they also can catch, can investigateeverything, “he said.

In response, the Head of BPH Migas said Andy Noorsaman Sommeng formation of BPH Migas as mandated by the Act No. 22 of 2001, admittedly a very noble one. Therefore, not a single verse that disallowed by the Court. All theverses relating to the Regulatory Agency for none disallowed for being in accordance with the constitution.

Recognized Andy, in his travels in the synchronization and harmonization turns out that we are obedient to the LawNo. 22 of 2001 was not running very well. “The rules are mengkebiri underneath much of the mandate or thenorms that have been set forth in Law No. 22 year 2001 this institution (BPH Migas) runs somewhat so stumblingseok because we are not obedient in carrying out the norms that exist in a number uu 22 years 2001, “he said.

In fact up Andy, oil and gas law that are familiar with regulatory otority. On Behalf of the Governing Body wasimplementing a policy of pemeritah, on one hand also represents business entities so that the interests of business entities as well understood by policy makers who in turn is the governing body on Behalf of the society so that it is protected msyarakat rights.


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