BPH Migas Urged Pertamina to Build Gas Station on the Border

ifanbaruPONTIANAK . Downstream Regulatory Agency Committee on Oil and Gas ( BPH Migas ) M. Asa Fasnshurullah urged PT Pertamina ( Persero ) immediately build public refueling stations ( gas stations) in the border region of West Kalimantan ( Kalbar ) .

” Pertamina should build a gas station in West Kalimantan border region that has not been touched , ” said M. Asa Fanshurullah in Pontianak , on Tuesday ( 28/01/2014 ) .

According Ifan , saapaan familiar Fanshurullah Asa , due to the unavailability of gas stations in the border region , the people there have to buy subsidized fuel price is quite expensive , because it must be plus postage .

” From the information I got in Lubuk Antu and Badau Kalbar Putusibau District 25 KL of fuel every day illegally entered Indonesian territory for about Rp 8,000 per liter , the price which the market price there , but above the selling price in Malaysia . So the role of Pertamina to build fuel stations is urgent , ” he explained .

Quota of fuel subsidy in 2013 amounted to 937 thousand kiloliters of West Kalimantan . Rincianya as many as 576 thousand kiloliters of premium gasoline types , and the remaining approximately 361 kiloliters of diesel oil . ” As for the 2014 quota for the province of West Kalimantan , did not seem to change as the national quota is not predicted to change , ” he said .

Added Ifan , with the growth of population , industry and motor vehicles , the fixed quota of subsidized fuel as the previous year could be less . So that the distribution of subsidized fuels must be completely on target and need strict supervision .

” We ‘ve formed a Task Force ( Task Force ) are members of various elements for monitoring fuel distribution but for improvement , ” he said .

Not only that , the supervision of the Radio Frequency Identification technology ( RFID ) or control subsidized fuel consumption with the purchase of subsidized fuel card also implemented to suppress the urge immediate diversion of subsidized fuel .

According to existing data , further Ifan , PT Pertamina currently has approximately 96 units of retail outlets , and 15 units of refueling stations fishermen ( SPBN ) spread in 14 regencies / cities in West Kalimantan . As for the escort company PT Aneka Chemical Raya ( AKR ) , 15 units of gas stations , and 3 units of special refueling stations subsidized ( SPBKB ) .


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