Card Survey: Subsidized Fuel Efficient Solutions

miharBali – Much can be done to subsidized fuel savings, but the one that needs to be tested is like in Batam. Batam has implemented the use of a survey card orcontrol card, which can save around 19,000 liters of Diesel fuel diesel per day,ie from 269 000 liters per day to 250,000 liters per day or a savings of 7%.

This was stated Sumihar Panjaitan, BPH Migas committee member, while accompanying Working visit to the House of Representatives Commission VII of Bali Province. Sumihar Panjaitan Pertamina proposes to Bali to use the card,”Try using a survey card as it has successfully done in Batam” he said. This is appropriate because Bali is anenclosed area or areas such clusters in Batam or the Pacific Islands also recently been doing CooperationAgreement with BPH Migas.

Then he explained, Period March 2014 the number of vehicles using the card dari18.000 survey totaled morevehicles. While in April fell to 13,000 vehicles, while in May and June fell again to 9,000 vehicles. From the number of these vehicles there are approximately 9,000 2,500 vehicles using multiple cards.

However, he also realizes that there is no subsidized fuel restriction laws, meaning that its use should not be limited in accordance with the quota limit that has been spent by the government, that is restricted may somedaybe sued by certain parties. For it must be supported by legal instruments issued by the Ministry of the Interior, so that Local Government can freely do so. “I’ve been four times to conduct meetings with the Ministry of Interior, but no positive signs in that direction” said Sumihar half annoyed.

At a meeting with the Commission VII, Deputy Governor of Bali, I Ketut Sudi Kerta outlines the products, especiallyLaw Finance Act has been less harmony between the central and regional governments, so that the future is expected to be in harmony or harmonious balance of the distribution area, since Bali has no natural resources.

In addition, the PT Pertamina (Persero) explained, that before Idhul Fitr 1435H, it has been prepared, that the fuelsupply will be met with additional supply in the form of pockets of fuel in each path back and forth.


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