Cheap Fuel Prices, Alternative Energy will be Difficult for Growing and Develop

ibra3Jakarta – At the moment the price difference of fuel oil (BBM) subsidy to non-subsidized high enough, especially with the changes in the exchange rateagainst USD. This has become one of the causes of abuse is still going on, especially in areas adjacent to the mining, plantation and industry.

To minimize abuse and ballooning state subsidy of more than Rp. 200 trillionis, it is no wonder many people to push the government to immediately raise the price of subsidized fuel.

Downstream Regulatory Agency Committee on Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) Hashim Ibrahim also revealed an increase in the price of subsidized fuel should not only be seen to reduce consumption, but it must be seen that the price increase as the effort to develop alternative energy that has yet to be developed due to low fuel.

“With the increase in fuel price subsidies, the price of energy such as fuel gas and other energy into an economical, live and thrive. As fuel prices it’s hard to develop alternative energy”, said Ibrahim, Monday (13/10) inJakarta.

Therefore, further Ibrahim if there is a plan to raise fuel prices, kenaikanya must be significant, not merely toimprove posture budget. There are more important, which is to encourage alternative energy that is needed in order to achieve the target of national energy mix.

“So once this focus over the fuel price hike is intended for non-fuel energy development”, he said.

Recognized Ibrahim, rising fuel prices will inevitably have an impact, and this is always discussed andgovernmental concern. But do these problems continue to arise eventually fuel subsidy issue was never resolved.”Resilience of future energy into something that is very important as well as food security”, said Ibrahim.


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