Commission VII Approves Proposed Budget of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral (ESDM) of Rp 4.891 Trillion

said4Jakarta – The proposed supplementary budget of the Ministry of Energy andMineral Resources (MEMR) in the Revised State Budget of Rp 4.891 trillion in 2015 the Commission approved the House of Representatives.

“Commission VII of the House of Representatives to accept the proposedbudget increase of Rp 4,891,984,348,000 Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the ceiling of the state budget in 2015 amounted to Rp10,023,529,096,000”, said Deputy Chairman of Commission VII DRP RIMulyadi, in reading the conclusions Meeting with Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources in the House RI,Tuesday (02/10/2015).

Sudirman Said Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has proposed a budget of Rp 14.916 trillion Revised Budget 2015, then tambahanya Rp 4.99 trillion is allocated transform andinfrastructure development of oil and gas, electricity and renewable energy.

“If additional specified for oil and gas infrastructure Rp 3,419 trillion, Rp 0,544 trillion electricity infrastructure,renewable energy infrastructure 1.036 trillion. So the state budget that we propose the focus is on addinginsrastruktur that capital expenditures for the benefit of society”, said Sudirman.

For oil and gas infrastructure, there is a program Sudirman added 3 kg conversion to gas, CNG for fishermen andalso to transport CNG and LNG and LCNG. Then for existing electricity infrastructure development and ruralelectricity free electrical installations for rural communities.

As for infranstruktur EBTKE form of Renewable Energy development in remote areas in the form of PLT Hybrid,PLT pembangunanan of Renewable Energy in the form of PLT Mikrohydro, PLT Bayu and centralized solar and bio-energy infrastructure.

“Development SPBGs originally in the parent state budget we propose three units are now coupled with 19 unitsplus 2 MRU, 8 GTM and 4 pipelines. This makes additional components in the revised budget 2015”, he said.

City gas network connection still 8,000 oil refinery lpg home then there is an additional 1 additional unit of 3 kgresume package lpg conversion from kerosene to LPG number of 2.05 million package. Then there are additionalproposals in the form of CNG for fishing which is a pilot project program of cooperation with the Ministry of MarineFisheries 50,000 package.

“The proposed additional form of LNG and LCNG 1 package then there is an increase electrification ratio of 83.18percent to 85.15 percent,” he concluded.


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