Control of Fuel, People are Suggested Not Need to Worried

ijoJakarta – Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Wacik urge people not to fret over the control of fuel oil (BBM) type of subsidized Premiumgasoline and Diesel oil as of August 1.

“The people of Indonesia do not need to fret because this control is onlyperformed on a limited sector. Repealed Do not think of fuel subsidy and the price goes up.’s Only controlled and not in Indonesia and also across the pump”, said Wacik during a press conference that accompanied the Head ofBPH Migas Andy Noorsaman Sommeng, Wamen EMR Siswoutomo Susilo, Director General of Oil and Gas Marketing and Commercial Director of PT Pertamin (Persero).

According to Jero, including the stock of fuel subsidy which is not much. Reduction in hours of service restrictions on subsidized fuel distribution by type of Solar filling station is only 5 to 12% only. “So there are still nearly 90% of gas stations that are not controlled”, he said on Tuesday (5/8) at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

Meanwhile, on the same occasion, the Head of Andy Noorsaman Sommeng BPH Migas, said that the reduction inhours of service restrictions on the distribution of gas stations is only done on certain areas from 08.00 to 18.00.

“From 08:00 hours until 18:00 because it was close to the activities related to the abuse of vulnerable fuel at night,such as mining, agriculture, industry, forestry and plantation”, he concluded.

PT Pertamina (Persero), represented by the Director of Marketing and Commerce Haung Budya asserted it had prepared in accordance with the implementation of the agenda contained in a circular dated BPH Migas number937/KaBPH/2014 concerning the control circulars Specific Fuel Type Year 2014 Since August 1 in there is no centralJakarta Solar subsidized sales at 26 retail outlets located in central Jakarta.

“On August 4, yesterday we perform operating hours for sale of subsidized diesel filling stations that only we conducted beginning at 8 to 6 pm. Determination of the cluster determined by Pertamina gas station coveragearea mining, and industrial estates. And gas stations-stations in locations prone to leaking and filling stations inmajor cities outside supply lines”, he said.

For the main logistic lines, Hanung said, do not be a reduction in operating hours because of BPH Migas circulararea that needs to be restrictions on hours of operation are Sumatra, Borneo, Java and Bali.

Of total gas stations in the region around 4570, which made ​​areas outside the restrictions of logistics lines mainlimitation of working hours it is only applied in 12% of the total gas stations in the region.

“On the island of Java and Bali, we only make 5% limitation. So if in one area there are 100 retail outlets means that only 5 gas stations solarnya limited hours of operation. IBHS prone areas. So it is not too intrusive operationof transporting goods and services because there are still other 95% of gas stations”, he said.


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