Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry (ESDM) Efficiency 2015 Budget to 1.28 trillion

tanjungJakarta – The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources got a budget ceiling of Rp. 11.3 trillion fiscal year 2015 It is based on the Ministry of Finance Decreenumber 278 / KMK / 02/2014 dated July 10, 2014 regarding the determination of the budget cap ministries / agencies. However, there is an efficiency of around Rp. 1.28 trillion.

“From the results of the review RKAK by DG Budget and RKAKL in research orinternal review by the planning bureau of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the Inspector General found efficiency of 1.28 trillion budget,” said Acting. Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, during a working meeting with Commission VII at the Parliament Building, Jakarta, Wednesday(17/09/2014).

Presented Chairul, the efficiency of which is derived from the approval of some of the proposed activities are notnew in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources by Bappenas and the Ministry of Finance among others, for the procurement / pembagunan building on KESDM Secretary General, and the Secretary General of Research and Development EBTKE DEN R & D and procurement of equipment and training.

It also has not been approved tukin KESDM be 100% by the Ministry of Finance and the benefits have not been approved by the management of the Ministry of Finance as well as non-tax revenues MEMR Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of internal efficiency research and review RKAKLespecially on shopping goods.

“So there is the efficiency of Rp. 1.28 trillion, which would be returned to the state unless there is a nationalprogram that is very strategic,” he said.

Recognized PLT. Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, and Mineral Resources Minister after he held a meetingwith the echelon I and echelon II MEMR, that the core of the savings or efficiencies that do not for cuttingperformance. “So the savings made are done by mutual agreement because it does not want excessive budgetthat would lead to the occurrence of the unexpected thing,” he concluded.

Responding to the efficiency of Rp. 1.28 trillion, Member of House of Representatives Commission VII, Asfianiquestioning two things with regard to the efficiency, especially the issue of oil and gas management program with the efficiency of Rp. 23 billion and coaching programs and pengusaahan minerals and coal.

According to him, two very strategic program is that efficiency should not be there because it could affect state revenues. “If it does not need to be cut. I agree not cut as it pertains to the revenues the state, “said Asfiani.


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