Forwardness Fuel Monitoring at Siak Terminal on Idul Fitri days in Pekanbaru

syeemJakarta – ahead of Idul Fitri is always an increase in activities in the community, including the homecoming activities that caused the increased need of fuel oil (BBM) throughout Indonesia.

Downstream Regulatory Agency Committee on Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) Ibrahim Hashim monitoring the distribution of fuel in the H-3 at 2 stations in Pekanbaru-lane road Bangkinang say an increase in Premium gasoline consumption reaches 25 percent.

“While the diesel oil declined. This happens because there is a ban on the operation of vehicles and the oil industry, “said Ibrahim, on Wednesday (07/15/2015) in Jakarta.

Fuel monitoring is also done in teriminal fuel Siak. Fuel type Premium inventory levels reported in 6 days. While new supply of oil refineries Pakning Sei-Dumai were on the way. Because the fuel supply lines carried through the river, forcing the use of barge ship with a limited amount of charge a maximum of 3,000 kiloliters.

“This condition causes the arrival Barge fuel supplier must happen every day to keep the level of inventory at Fuel Terminal awake. If attention to the growth of consumption in the future, then in the medium term, ensured supply system using barges through the river will be difficult to sustain, “said Ibrahim.

At the time during a meeting with Acting. Riau Governor H. Arsyadjuliandi, the governor explained that the Riau province is now completing spatial arrangement. particularly the plan to use a very strategic coastal areas for industrial development because of dealing directly with the cruise line’s Strait of Malacca.

In the interim study estimated fuel terminal Siak and Tembilahan need in relocation in order to function optimally, facilitate the supply lines and distribution. But Ibrahim said that the Siak Fuel Terminal sedapatnya retained as a satellite to serve the fuel depot in Soweto and surrounding areas that are determined to be increasingly busy and would complicate the supply of fuel from outside the tank car.

“The supply system to the satellite depots Siak itself also needs to be replaced with the supply through the pipeline,” he concluded.

On that occasion, he also met with Members of Parliament Commission B, H. Agus Triansyah. Outlined Ibrahim, member of Commission B is said that in the region of Indragiri still many people who do not get a remote region of the fuel and strongly supports the implementation of Regulation No. BPH Migas 6/2015 About Sub-Distributors and the fuel for it will encourage regional support.

“Therefore, BPH Migas should immediately conduct socialization in order perception, so easy in practice, both in terms of regulation and operation,” he concluded.


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