Four Locations Development Jargas Household in year 2015

wiratJakarta – The government continues to develop natural gas network construction for households. 2015 will be developed in several locations.

“In 2015 there were four locations domestic gas network development”, saidActing. Director of Oil and Gas Gusti Nyoman Wiratmadja, during a meeting with Commission VII of the House of Representatives on Wednesday(02/11/2015).

Described Wiratmadja, four locations including, Lhoksukon in District Land Area, and District Lhoksukon. We have already recorded 3943 households will be built this year. Of 0.5 MMSCFD gas using gas tel of Exon Mobil Indonesia. “It is ready to begin”, he said.

Furthermore Pekan Baru in District Fifty, has recorded 3,713 households. Of 0.5 MMSCFD of gas supplied from the EMP Bentu and New Korinci Ltd.

For the location of South Sumatra and Banten this year in the Front End Engineering Design. “Next year we expect to be built in Sumatra and Banten Seltan”, he said.

Wiratmaja add it aims to terbangunya installation of transmission pipelines and distribution of gas to householdsand implementation of CNG fuel diversification program for households based on national energy policy.

“Its targets increase reliability and infrastructure efisiesnsi CNG supply system for domestic supply”, he concluded.


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