Has 69 Years of Independence, Indonesian do not have Fuel Reserves

kahmiJakarta – Until now Indonesia has reserves of fuel oil (BBM) nationwide. thatthere is currently operational reserves Enterprises, PT Pertamina (Persero)between 21 to 23 days.

“If asked the national fuel reserves zero. Indonesia has 69 years of independence there has been no national fuel reserves. Fuel reserve 21 to 23days was not the national fuel reserves but operational reserve Enterprises”,said Governing Body Committee on Downstream Oil and Gas Fanshurullah Asa,as a speaker workshop energy independence at Sahid Jakarta, Wednesday (10/9).

According Ifan, Fanshurullah nickname, if there is one operational entity claims reserves as a national reserve.Operational fuel reserves enterprises with national fuel reserves must be distinguished.

“If we do not have national fuel reserves do not we make as a backup if the operations at BBN we claim as a national reserve. It was wrong, misguided misleading”, said Ifan.

Ifan Admittedly, it had to calculate the need for a 1-day reserve of fuel is Rp 1.4 trillion. So if for example the national fuel reserve of 50 days means about Rp 70 trillion needed funds. “If you want to use the state budgetwould be difficult”, he concluded.

Previous ifan never said when the national fuel reserves of Article 46 paragraph (3) is still assumed as anoperational reserve operational reserve mustinya Enterprises is not only applicable to charged or PT Pertamina(Persero).

“All business enterprises are subsidized and non-subsidized fuel must also have operational reserves”, said Ifan,Monday (27/01/2014) in Jakarta.

Therefore, further Ifan, if the duties of BPH Migas in the Oil and Gas Law number 22 of 2001 in Article 46paragraph (3) translated as enterprises operating reserves, it needs to be implemented redefinition.

“Auth BPH Migas on national fuel reserves redefinition also need to be implemented”, he concluded.

Currently, PT Pertamina has operational reserve for 21 days. While other business entities registered and obtain a permit from the Directorate General of Oil and Gas of about 246 enterprises that do not have a lot of operationalreserves.

From the information obtained, Ifan apparently continued until the third quarter of 2013, only about 60 enterprisesare active. Here Enterprises as just being a broker and there are indications of fuel subsidy to the industry soldillegally occur.

“So the solution immediately BPH Migas make regulations that fuel Enterprises for PSO and non-PSO must have aminimum operating reserve equal to Pertamina. Sure gradual implementation time”, he said.


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