Indonesia Must Have National Fuel Reserves

cadanganJakarta – Until now Indonesia has reserves of fuel oil (BBM) nationwide.Indonesia only has operational reserve 18 to 23 days and it was not evenly distributed across the province and seuruh districts / cities in Indonesia.

“This is a challenge for the Indonesian government in meeting how muchreserve fuel is required. In the Act it is clear that one of the tasks of BPHMigas is how to set the national fuel reserves, “said Chief Andy NoorsamanSommeng BPH Migas in the Public Consultation event Deepening Implementation Plan and Operational ReservesBuffer Energy, at Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta, Monday (22.09.2014).

According to Andy, now the government has a plan to create a national energy reserves ketahahanan particularlyin the petroleum sector, fuel and LPG are supported by the availability of storage facilities are needed.

“BPH Migas refers to the mandate of PP No. 36 of 2004 with reference to Oil and Gas Law No. 22 of 2001 fully supports the government’s policy in the realization of the national fuel reserves policy, especially in terms of settingand pengawasanya tertetera accordance with the mandate in Article 59 paragraph 4 and 5 after the number andbackup type is set by the government, “said Andy.

Related to the national fuel reserves, more Andy BPH Migas has sent a letter to the government in order to howthe government to immediately establish a national fuel reserves.

In addition to the operational reserve related entities such things as the location, number and type of fuel and the required storage capacity and the cost of the investment required to achieve the national fuel security and generalnational energy resilience. “If we speak of integrated supply chain course, we must build an infrastructure well,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Susilo Siswouotomo mengungkpkan, no choice that Indonesia should prepare a roadmap of how serious could have national fuel reserves or reserve buffer.

“When in a state of emergency such as war, Malacca Strait is closed, stops fuel imports, in 3 smpai 4 days there is nothing we can do. We must begin to seriously prepare roadmap good energy reserves that buffer reserve,strategic reserve, and the reserve operation, “he said.

Wamen added, when compared with other countries, only Indonesia which does not have a national fuel reserves.”Malaysia has a 20-day reserve, Singapore 25 days, Vietam just had, that it had not only Indonesia,” he said.

The same place, BPH Migas committee Ibrahim Hashim said about the national fuel reserves should be. According to him, the current constellation of supply and demand of oil and gas the world is changing. American production was 9.7 million barrels per day and gas shale extraordinary.

“Now Indonesia’s demand was so great to have a high bargaining position. At a time when Opec countries can nolonger selling to America, then this is the momentum for the world market momentum mumpung buffer against oil and gas again good for us to stock, “said Ibrahim.


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